The next step

A bit of personal news: as of last week, I’ve left my position as a Tech Lead at Framer to join Stream to help build out the next generation of Chat and Feeds API.

I’ll be serving as Backend Team Lead, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for this huge next step.

Actually, to be more precise, I’m joining again Stream, as I worked there when I first moved to Amsterdam; back in the day I started working on the Feeds product when it was still transitioning from Python to Go, watching it become the state-of-the-art SaaS product it is today. It was and still is a remarkable piece of software, and in the past two years the company added an awesome Chat API product which is, again, an amazing feat of engineering.

Again, I’m very proud of joining back, which is also a testament of the healthy and enjoyable experience both the lovely people at Stream and I had during my past adventure; the product is super cool, the team is as focused and as skilled as it can be and I’ll try to do my best to help out pushing Stream’s products to the next level (and it’s kinda sweet to look at my super old commits in the codebase, from the email rate limiting feature I implemented during my very first week a long time ago :)). If you like hard engineering problems and you are thrilled to work on highly available distributed systems with tons of homemade goodness, we’re hiring like crazy.

Tommaso and Thierry, thank you for having me: it feels like home.

And now, a couple words for the friends I left behind at Framer: I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for all the trust and the freedom of action that Stefan, Koen, Jorn, and Eelco gave me in the past two years. I joined the company (specifically, again, I re-joined Stefan from our previous adventure at Karma) when we were less than 30 people, building a whole platform from scratch which served Framer X and eventually became Framer Web. I had such a good time people, and I’m happy to know that I’m leaving our beloved product in the hands of very capable engineers and focussed, visionary leaders. I learned so much during my time there: I’m now a better engineer, a better professional, and more importantly a better person. And, with a lot of new friends I’ll always bring in my heart wherever I go.

All of this is to say: nurture and care personal relationships in the workplace as well as anywhere else: being honest, being yourself, and giving all you have will always be worth it.